Why Work With Me?

Track record:

Narinder’s email stated simply:

“In my first speech I did everything you suggested.
It was perfect.
The audience was 500 people.”

This was after a few 1:1 sessions.
Narinder had suffered a teenage trauma due to an on-stage event which seriously limited her achievements throughout her life.
She is now a busy keynote speaker.

Mark, a CEO client asked me for assistance with his role as Best Man.
The best man role had felt terrifying – even with years of experience as a speaker.
His video presence and speaking were massively improved by the training sessions.
Mark’s 8 minute speech lasted 12 minutes with laughter followed by an ovation!
He was profusely thanked by over 200 people who wanted to hear him speak in future.
This experience will have a profound lifetime benefit for Mark’s business and personal life.


You may have found conventional presentation training has a missing ingredient.
Or you may be holding yourself back by doubts and fears.
I provide that missing ingredient by bridging the gap between holding back and roaring success. In addition to conventional presentation training, I work with a range of soft skills to help you make a quantum leap in confidence and audience rapport.
I show you how to get to your client’s hearts and minds – confidently.

When you work with me you can expect to:

  • Maximise your greatest communications skills
  • Be comfortable with your audience
  • Be relaxed and credible on video
  • Find your true expressive self
  • Improve your confidence
  • If required, clear your fears and phobias of all kinds.


Now a training specialist to world class speakers and expert witnesses, I used to be a challenged speaker.
Conventional presentation training did not help my confidence with audiences.
I researched many personal development disciples and found what it takes to make the change from fear to authentic personal presence.
My journey included rapidly becoming a Distinguished Toastmaster and presenting workshops to speakers from over 30 countries specialising in stage presence and personal confidence.
These unique skills and insights enable people just like you to understand and change your reactions to circumstances, enabling a quantum leap in personal confidence, presence and personal performance.
My clients make exceptional improvements in their confidence and presentation skills.
See Success Stories.

Contact me NOW to discuss your requirements.

Email: jim@speakingconfidence.co.uk

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