Make your Presentation & Pitching a Pleasure:

  • Confident Public Speaking: Private Consultation
  • Survive the media or TV interview
  • Mind-Blanking and Stage-Fright solutions
  • Develop your 11 Second Elevator Pitch
  • Personal Energy Management Programme
  • VIP programme

Confident Public Speaking: Private Consultation

These sessions are tailored to your exact requirements.

  • Identify and Clear your Fears
  • Really understand what makes you great
  • Gain Presence and Authority
  • Understand your Mindset
  • Become a Confident Speaker
  • Reduce your stress

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Survive the media or TV interview:

TV InterviewEmergency support for media interview panic attacks.
Ah yes, you are perfectly confident until the dreaded “you will be live on on air” notification.
Then the crazy, deep fears set in from nowhere.
Your throat clamps tight, the sweats kick in, you are light headed, your stomach feels sick.
I know, I had that experience with a lunchtime live broadcast from my employers and an interviewer who asked questions which I could not talk about – after agreeing a different set of questions!

Standard techniques of breathing, focus, preparation and visualisation may not work.
Frequently they are not enough, there are other issues which I can help you with. And I do not need to know the details of them.
By phone, Skype or in person – when available.
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Mind-Blanking and Stage-Fright solutions:

The terror of mind-blanking and stage-fright can be eliminated.
It does not have to be like that: sleepless, stressed, frozen and not even seeing the possible long term career impact.
Much of the published information on these subjects is missing the essential ingredient – how to identify and clear the sources of such events.
Case histories and more here:
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Develop your 11 Second Elevator Pitch:

Who do you serve?
What exactly do you really do?
Who are your customers and how do you get in their shoes?
Create your effective pitch – 11 seconds or other variants.
Then get your delivery upgraded and make it work for you.
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Personal Energy Management Programme:

Are you terrified of certain circumstances, yet normally confident?
Maybe it is not logical and you are afraid to mention it to your colleagues?
Maybe you are troubled by particular colleagues in your personal space?
Getting to grips with our mindset is much easier than generally believed.
It is possible to identify and clear the causes of panic and stress distantly on Skype or phone.
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VIP programme:

Maximise your Leadership, Personal Presence, and Public Speaking skills to deliver outstanding performances.
Sessions are typically 4 hours every week for 4 sessions, with special support and rehearsal before a major event.
Naturally, sessions can be tailored to your schedule.
Interim support is of course included.
Optionally, when your image is critical, I can arrange for you to spend time with an Image Consultant to maximise your personal presence.
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Not Sure?

A few words of explanation …
Your Success is determined by your confidence and self-belief in all areas of your life.
There are no exceptions!
Maybe you have tried all kinds of instant fixes, but they did not work as well as expected.
Maybe you fell back into your old habits and started to feel dissatisfied again?
The reason may be that you are special – yes, special!
You are unique, the good bits, the painful bits, warts and all.
Under our skin we are the same – but our differences usually show up as lack of confidence, motivation or even excessive procrastination.
Change is possible, life simply does not have to be so frustrating.
I know, I spent a long time frustrated and thinking I could not change!

With assistance, you can change your success mindset and limiting beliefs.
Maybe it is as simple as Getting Yourself out of Your Own Way !
With Personal Energy Management techniques I help make your Confidence & Communication issues simple.
The overall principles I apply are to focus on how you feel rather than the conventional and unsuccessful “thinking your way out of a problem”.

This work is well outside the box of conventional Presentation Coaching, and extraordinarily effective.
In this way you can :

  • Increase your confidence – and income
  • Transform your life
  • Reduce your stress
  • Be more successful

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