Overcoming fear of public speaking

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailAre you sick & tired of being told to practice, practice, practice and you will “get over it”
You are in good company, so am I !

I used to be in exactly that situation, frustrated for years.
But not any more.
Let’s get to the point.

Imagine if somebody could take away your life-long fear?
In a few sessions?
The fear which:

  • You have tried and failed to solve so many times?
  • Is stopping you achieve so many good things in life:
  • Success
  • Money
  • Relationships
  • Restful Sleep

I have many clients who, like me,  have gone from fear to success after success.
Certainly there is no evidence of them re-occurring since we worked together.

With my own fears, I worked hard on them for years and learned techniques outside mainstream practice with which I now help my clients literally “lose their fears”.

In a 15 minute Discovery Session I can usually identify the origin of the problem and advise you on a forward course of action with me.

How fear of public speaking works:

Fear of public speaking is usually an acquired skill.
In our early years, most of us are unstoppable and have to be kept quiet for all kinds of normal reasons!

As we grow through life’s experiences, most of us experience various levels of embarrassment, shame, being laughed at, not accepted and so on.

When faced with even a small audience, we unconsciously check what we might say against a long list of internal emotional references from our earlier years.

Generally we will take the easy and most comfortable option and make the least contentious statement.
As Abraham Lincoln said “We cannot please all the people all the time”

To be an effective communicator and leader, we may upset people frequently – and be comfortable with it.

To reach that stage we must be comfortable in our body delivering our important message.
Those earlier uncomfortable emotional experiences are retained as “cell memories” in our bodies.
When we feel uncomfortable in front of an audience, it is our “old memories” coming to the surface.

One of the key ways of overcoming our public speaking fear is to pay attention to where we feel the fear.
Yes, that is correct! Conventional coaching generally works toward working through these feelings and avoiding them.
That is not the route to success for many people.

For detailed information, see this article here. ( Coming soon ! )

In some cases, these techniques are not sufficient to deal with the fundamental cause of the fear.

There may be incidents in our earlier years or even more exotic origins which can not be addressed without external help.
That is where I can help.
I have been there and know what it is like to be scared, frightened or terrified of speaking in public.

I also work in deep way with Energy Healing and a range of complementary techniques to identify the origin of the problem within a small time window in your life.
You can then make the ( often illogical ) connection between that period of your life and your phobia.
That awareness of the connection between events in our lives is key to making the changes we need to make.
We can then work together to really tune into it in a very gentle light-hearted way and get rid of it – permanently.

Then we can work with your speaking strengths and weaknesses if required.

Then you can start or re-start your speaking career or even your life.

In a 15 minute Discovery Session I can usually identify the origin of the problem and advise you on a forward course of action with me.
Congratulations! As you have read this far, take the next step:

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