Is your body language costing you sales?

Do you want your audience to:118411-20150226

  • Buy your services?
  • Be informed?
  • Be educated?
  • Be entertained?

If they trust you and feel that you appreciate them, then and only then are they likely to be influenced by you and ultimately buy from you.
Or are you committing one of the 7 Deadly sins of Public Speaking ?
Are you..

Using distracting body movements which you may not be consciously aware of ?

Distracting body movements are the sure sign of a nervous or inexperienced speaker.
Especially when standing, when fully visible, there is maximum opportunity to distract the audience.
Typically, it is as if their body below the waist has a life of it’s own!
Feet crossing back and forth
Pacing aimlessly back and forth
Hands firmly clasped in a protective gesture.

Here is a perfect example in a very inspirational video from Oscar winning actress
Patricia Arquette who recently won an Oscar for her role in the beautiful film “Boyhood”
This 30 second video is from a few years ago.
See her unconsciously crossing her feet a few seconds in.

This is a perfect example of unconscious nervous distracting body movements.
( It is still a very emotional, inspiring and motivational speech )

What to do:

  • Be aware of your feet and pay attention to what you are doing with them.
  • Practice in front of a mirror.
  • Make a video recording of your speeches or practice.
  • Then remember to view the videos!



β€œIn my first speech I did everything you suggested. It was perfect. The audience was 500 people.”
This was after a few one to one sessions.
This lady had been fearful from a teenage trauma due to a stage event at school which seriously limited her achievements throughout her life.

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