Help! I am vulnerable – where is my Superhero?

I was one of 16 adults wishing their personal superhero could be there for them…..

Flying Businessman

Flying Businessman
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Our greatest fear is not necessarily that we are “powerful beyond measure….. “

Is it that we are:

  • Afraid to speak?
  • Afraid to learn?
  • Afraid to be?
  • Afraid our superhero is not there for us when we need them?

But when we were toddlers we were apparently:

  • Invulnerable – or so it seemed!
  • Fearless.
  • We were our own superhero!

10 to 20 years later, our wings were clipped and we feared failure, ridicule, rejection, hurt.
All the painful experiences we experienced have become threats.
Even when there is no evidence they exist right now!

What’s happening here?
Where is our superhero when we need them?

Right, back to when I was one of those 16 adults wishing their personal superhero could be there for them.

Business advisors, project manager, energy healer, wealth managers and more…

Let’s face it, most of us were quite experienced and comfortable with networking around our business topics.

It is unusual to share more than casual “acceptable” insight into our personal activities outside the business world.
Business networking is not “the time” to wear our heart on our sleeve.

Or is it?

Right then, in that room most expressions around the table were uncomfortable.

But then!

A wonderful opening up and vulnerability began as one by one we shared our “other” interests and achievements.

Dowsing, blues guitar, sailing, cycling and many more “human” interests and passions totally unrelated to our businesses.

As we progressed round the table, there was a general relaxation of the atmosphere as we began to see a much more interesting human side to all colleagues.

There was noticeably increased chatter and deeper connections in the room afterwards as interests were compared and information shared.

No doubt this deeper sharing will lead to an increased level of respect, trust and either business deals or introductions before the next meeting.

Take away from this blog:

  • Being vulnerable is being human.
  • Our audience loves humans.
  • We love our fellow humans.
  • Be vulnerable.
  • Be human.
  • Superheroes are optional.

If you:

  • Want to be less vulnerable
  • Can’t find your Superhero
  • Want to gain Stage Presence
  • Want to have an awesome handshake
  • Want to be a really cool speaker and impress your audience…

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To your success.

Jim J Doyle  Distinguished Toastmaster and Personal Energy Manager
Cambridge, UK