Have we reached our confidence limits ?

This blog explains how old beliefs can impact our performance in later years.
When we grow we change our habits and usually change our beliefs through experience.

We can reach a stage where our forward progress and confidence really drops without any obvious reason.

This could be due to our “old beliefs” no longer protecting or supporting us and may become a serious problem, with immediate impact on our:

  • Confidence
  • Career
  • Health
  • Financial issues
  • Relationships
  • Stress
  • Life Purpose

An example: as a child we may have felt uncomfortable speaking to adults outside our immediate family. That kept us “safe” in some way and was not a problem at the time.

Years later in our career, we may have to address senior executives in our business.
This childhood “safety net” has now become a barrier, leading us to be fearful or inarticulate, stressed and certainly not performing to our highest standards.

We have outgrown our old safety net.

The symptoms may vary from subtle to critical. They are unlikely to become critical suddenly, most probably the first symptom will be a growing uncertainty or un-ease about some life situation.

It could be as simple as being constantly tired or regularly waking up at some time during the night.

A physical example:

I was impressed by this tree, a physical example of outgrowing a “safety barrier” or the equivalent of a belief system which is no longer beneficial.

A protective safety barrier was put in place years ago to prevent vehicle damage.

Tree outgrows it's protection

Tree outgrows it's protection

No doubt it was highly effective.

As the tree has expanded, the “safety barrier” has become a means of it’s destruction.

It is embedded in the cells of the tree leading to stress and “pain” in an attempt to “deal with” it’s old protector.

In practice, both the protector and the protected are being damaged.

Tree development and growth are both limited.

It is under a high level of stress.

What can we do about it ?
Effectively, we need to remove the old limits and heal the wounds.

For the tree, this means removing as much of the old barrier as possible.

For us humans, it means recognising and coming to terms with our “old safety barrier” allowing us to continue growing without that limit.

How to remove the old limits, reduce stress and heal the wounds ?
See my Energy Healing Blog at http://www.differentlight.org/blog/stress-solutions/