Get naked and connect to your audience – emotionally!

Personal presence and charisma are the two most powerful tools for success available to us.
They are freely available to us – as long as we know how to access them.
The explanation of how we may lack charisma by becoming become fearful is covered in an earlier blog.

So what exactly is personal presence?
Real stage presence and charisma is when you feel as if the speaker and you are the only two people in the room.

In this video of Bill Clinton and George Bush from the 1992 election, we can clearly see the polar opposites of charisma and lack of it in action.

George Bush is not sure what he is talking about, certainly not connecting to anybody throughout his response.
At 2:30 Bill Clinton clearly connects to the lady, talks about “you” and immediately gains empathy by demonstrating his personal experience of similar loss as a state governor.
It is a classic demonstration of the Yin and Yang of charisma.

The key qualities of a charismatic person which attract you may include:

  • You feel fully connected to them.
  • They are clearly focused on you.
  • They constantly look fully into your eyes, without being oppressive or dominant.
  • They are emotionally naked and comfortable with it.
    They are authentic and believe what they are saying.
  • They are sure about what they are saying
  • They are comfortable being themselves
  • They explain their message clearly
  • They are responsive to your comments

What do you think?
What is your experience of charisma?
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I do not promise to get you to Bill Clinton standards!, but huge improvements can be achieved.

To your success.
Jim J Doyle