Did you email a hedgehog to your clients?

Hedgehog courtesy of Wikipedia

Does your email feel like this?

You know exactly what I mean if you have ever received a sharp spiky e-mail.

The type which stabs you through the heart with overpowering intention!

Sometimes even the subject line is sharp and vicious or can grab you by the throat.

I have recently received a series of e-mails from somebody whom I used to respect.

The emails have gradually deteriorated into ever sharper and spikier energy.

The content and overall selling intention is still there – which I was quite happy with.

However, something has changed dramatically in the consciousness or attitude of the sender.

It may be a form of desperation or even anger at some level.

The exact reason is not important.

As the recipient, what I feel is what really matters.

The very sad point is that the author may have the best of intentions but has lost sight of how their client will receive it.


In presentation or public speaking a high proportion of the message we deliver is actually through our feelings, mental attitude and body language at the time.

These emotional energies are far more important than the actual words used as we connect to our audience at a subconscious level.


In the same way, e-mails can transmit the energy that we are feeling.

If we are angry or desperate for business there is a high risk that some of our readers will detect those feelings and react to them – by deleting our e-mail and unsubscribing from our list.


What can we do about it?

1) Be mindful of what were doing and what our intention is.

2) If under stress, take a few minutes out and practice some breathing and relaxation techniques.

3) Remember to put yourself in your client’s shoes and read it from their viewpoint.

4) Use a copywriter to translate your message with suitable emotional balance.

5) If you have difficulty being calm and focused while writing your communications contact me: https://www.speakingconfidence.co.uk/contact

My specialty is helping you to:

1) Improve your personal presence.
2) Be a more effective communicator.
3) Increase your aware of your emotions and  manage them effectively.
4) Really control your stress levels.
5) Improve your interpersonal skills.

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To your success.

Jim Doyle  Distinguished Toastmaster and Personal Energy Manager
Cambridge, UK