Can mind blanking destroy political careers?

Big BenA very refreshing article in the Guardian newspaper by David Shariatmadari who speaks from his personal experience, when he suffered a mind blank during a musical performance. I know this well from my earlier years. When Time Stands Still, the thoughts and words disappear and you wish the world would end very soon.

I sympathise with Green Party leader Natalie Bennett when she suffered a serious mind blank on a live radio program.
The sickening feeling of panic, of dread.
What will the world think?
How will I get over it?
So why might that have happened?
The key to understanding this kind of problem is that there is always an emotional trigger from earlier years.
It can be cleared.
All clients I have worked with for confidence, personal presence, stress and health issues have had one or more emotional triggers in earlier years.
They are not always logical!
Working with cases comparable to Natalie Bennett’s, it is quite possible that some embarrassing incident at school concerning remembering facts or getting numbers wrong can have disastrous later consequences.
Those consequences can manifest as stress, phobias, mind blanking or even severe illness.
The good news is virtually all of them can be cleared surprisingly fast and easily.
Let’s suppose Natalie suffered a really embarrassing event at school; perhaps something about not remembering facts or making a simple error with numbers.
That hurt would have led to her ( or anybody else ) to subsequently avoiding answering questions about numbers as much as possible.
That behaviour then becomes ingrained and we “freeze” or become stressed when faced with similar situations.
The commonly available advice is to “take a deep breath and just do it!”
That does not work in most cases, clearing the energy of the event removes the buried trauma and allows the person to become comfortable with the previously terrifying experience.
Using the “Just do it!” approach is risky.
It might work for a while, however if a suitable set of circumstances trigger that old reaction, then it can be as if all the practice in the world had never taken place!

Years ago I attended an in-house two-day conventional presentation course.
A friendly environment using video cameras and individual encouragement mixed with embarrassment. As I recall we all did quite well.
When it came to actually standing in front of the audience, those two days training were completely irrelevant.
My thoughts were mixed, my words were probably not very coherent and I could not wait to be out of there.
That conventional presentation training failed completely.
Why? Because it failed to address the fundamental issue of personal confidence.

Some years later, I studied in-depth mind-body principles and energy healing.
I now use these techniques to identify and clear blockages to confidence, public speaking, stage presence and being fully seen and heard in the public eye.
I train clients to quickly let go of lifelong phobias and blocks to performing a excellence in business or on-stage.


“In my first speech I did everything you suggested.
It was perfect.
The audience was 500 people.”

This lady had been fearful from a teenage trauma due to a stage event at school which seriously limited her achievements throughout her life.
I understand she is now a busy keynote speaker.

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