Release Your Communications Handbrake

If you are a Trainer, Manager or Director who feels the need to increase your personal influence and impact-

Then this workshop is for you:

  • Make a quantum leap in your personal performance and confidence
  • Improve your public speaking skills
  • Accelerate your career progress
  • Communicate effectively without stress
  • Develop your interpersonal skills to create stronger relationships
  • Make a bigger impression at work and in the world
  • Delegate confidently

This workshop is definitely for you if…

  • You feel out of your depth after promotion to a management role
  • You feel “just the way you are” and nothing can be done about it
  • Maybe you feel a little bit introverted but you have a message to give to the world.

This workshop is definitely not for you if…

You are the light and soul of the party and just want to improve some minor details

Presented by Jim J Doyle, training specialist and performance coach to world class speakers, coaches and expert witnesses.

Not sure yet?

It is backed by my:

No-hassle improved confidence 8 week guarantee…

Testimonial – Tanya – technologist:


I had a large presentation to give to over 2800 people.
I wanted help with building my confidence and ensure I did a good job on the big day. Working with Jim helped me connect to the audience and manage my stress on the day. The day went really well… It was a real buzz to be up there on stage in front of so many people. I really appreciated the help Jim gave me.

How will it help you?

  • It will help you to grow a quiet inner confidence
  • Change your future by understanding how and why you behave and react to circumstances as you do.
  • Transform the way you feel and react in most situations and take greater control of your life and career.

It will help you with:

  • Training clients
  • Public speaking
  • Team leadership
  • TV interviews
  • Low stress delegation

What will the workshop be like?

In a small group you will learn how you interact with others in subtle ways which can unconsciously influence how you and your audience respond to each other.
The training is based on mainstream science, effective communications and world class communications techniques.
You will be shown group step-by-step soft play exercises to explore these interactions as you grow your personal presence.
You can expect laughter and fun combined with deep learning.
There will be opportunities for you to practice your learning within the group of maximum 7 attendees, provided everybody is happy to participate.
You will have frequent short breaks and opportunities to explore your new knowledge
You are recommended to not have any calls scheduled until late in the day when you can practice your new knowledge to respond with greater authority.

When you attend, you will learn step-by-step:

  • How to tap into the natural abilities you did not realise you had !
  • The principles of creating authority and increasing trust.
  • Techniques to manage your energy and focus better in situations which challenge you.
  • Manage your mindset for different activities
  • Understand the difference between left brain logical and right brain intuitive activities and how they affect your energy and ability to perform effectively.

For example, as a technical trainer you may have to constantly switch between left and right brain activities. That requires considerable energy and can reduce your effectiveness if you do not understand it.
When you understand how these activities affect you differently, you will learn to manage your energy more effectively and be in the best mindset for each activity.
Gaining this knowledge is best achieved in an experiential environment where you can be aware of how you energetically interact with others and react to circumstances.
Attempting to learn these techniques by audio or video techniques is rather like reading a book about public speaking and not practising in a real environment.
This is your opportunity to learn and practice personal awareness and personal energy management techniques in a non-challenging environment.

Testimonial- Abi Reddy – stage presence:

“They were fun exercises which helped me
bring my voice across better than usual”

How many attendees?

A maximum of 7.

What are the requirements?

Pre- event:
Self assessment completion (30 minutes approximate)

Post Event:
2 x group Skype consultations within a 2 month period to address any challenges implementing the training.
Reasonable email support for 8 weeks after the event.
Venue: Cambridge, UK. Details will be sent to confirmed participants
Date: Thursday January 28
Time: 09:00AM to 5:00PM

Your Investment: £330
This is a special promotion, regular rate is £730.

Your no-hassle improved confidence 8 week guarantee:

Value £250

If, after 8 weeks following the event, you feel the techniques are not working for you AND you have genuinely tried them many times in real life, you will receive a personal deep-dive 1 hour 1:1 coaching session with me.
The benefit of the 1:1 coaching session is to strengthen your inner certainty and accelerate your progress.

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Places are confirmed when payment is completed.

If you have a query or you can’t find something important to you…
Contact me directly at: jim@speakingconfidence.co.uk

Still not sure?:

I know what it is like to struggle with uncertainty. As a technology manager I felt vulnerable and had difficulty getting my ideas accepted.
I wish I knew then what I know now!
Even conventional speaker training did not help very much. Now I know it was me. Not the words or the phrases. It was how I tried to communicate with others – there was a missing ingredient.
The missing ingredient was personal presence.
Now I coach world class speakers and expert witnesses to manage their personal energy and mindset – and excel at what they do.
My recommendation to you:

Reserve your place now

To your success !
Got a question ? Email me: jim@speakingconfidence.co.uk