5 Tips for Confident Speaking

Public speaking brings up fear in almost everybody, you are not alone if feeling scared about your speech.
Here are 5 effective tips to help improve confidence when giving a speech.

5 tips to speak confidently

 Tip 1     Visualise Success and receiving applause.

Practice this imagined scenario frequently, especially when going to sleep.
Let’s face it, our imagination can create negative scenarios, so why not get it to produce positive ones ?
There is everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Tip 2     Breathe !

Our brain requires plenty of oxygen to help us to focus properly. Breathing in a shallow way as when we are fearful does not help us to get air into our lungs!

Practice the speech in front of the mirror.
Listen carefully. Would a few deep breaths help to smooth the delivery?
Try it, do you feel more at ease?
Deep breathing helps us to relax. Do not breathe excessively, it is hyper-ventilation and causes light-headedness and lack of focus.
Practice and pay attention to your breathing,

Tip 3     Slow down !

When we are nervous we tend to speak faster.
If we forget what we were going to say, time appears to pass perhaps 10 times faster for us than for the audience.
Take advantage of that.
Take a moderate breath, relax, perhaps repeat your last statement while you remember what comes next.

Tip 4      Practice, Practice, Practice.

World champion speakers practice and adjust their speeches hundreds if not thousands of times.
Get familiar with what you are going to say and Practice, Practice, Practice.

Tip 5     Pause to emphasise a point.

Using a pause before or after an important point helps the audience pay greater attention to it.
It also gives you time to think.

 Finally, remember Tip 1, Visualise success.

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To your success.

Jim Doyle  Distinguished Toastmaster and Personal Energy Manager
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