5 great ways to connect to your audience

Audiences remember stories and images.

They may not remember the words you used or the great crafted speech title you prepared.

To be an effective speaker, we must Connect to our audience.

Here are 5 great ways to connect to your audience.

Tell a story

A story paints a picture. As we know “a picture paints a thousand words”

Keep the story short and simple, it is easier for you and your audience to remember.

The story should be relevant to your talk, credible and perhaps stretch the “facts” a little to make it more memorable.

Share your passion

Let your feelings show so the audience can resonate with yours.
The “energy” or feeling in a speech is far more important than the exact phrases.
Include graphic words with emotive feelings. Examples being falling, running, laughing, screaming.
Words such as joy and smiling are positive but without the same level of emotional impact.

Be vulnerable

Sharing your past minor embarrassments or failures shows you are human just like everybody else.
As a speaker, there is a natural barrier to connection from the audience until you have “broken the ice” between you.
You do not want the audience feeling sorry for you, simply empathic.


Yes, smile! Not inanely, ear to ear.
At a minimum, try smiling internally. That is rather like a Mona Lisa smile, be aware of it under the surface. It softens your delivery and helps make you more friendly and approachable.

Keep it simple!

Whatever the subject, keep it simple.

If your audience are all fellow specialists, ensure any jargon or niche phrases you use are clearly understood by everybody in the audience.
Make it easy for them to understand in their language. After all, the purpose of your speech is to be understood, not to keep your information a mystery!

To your Speaking Success.