Your recent promotion…
Are you now stressed about it…?

It can be tough facing new challenges in the role you have always wanted.
New responsibilities can bring out fears which keep you awake at night.
Fear of public speaking or worse, communicating on live video may be limiting your performance
Feeling vulnerable can stop you achieving what you really want.
It does not have to be like that!

Your confidence and certainty can be restored from the jaws of potential failure.
I understand! I spent far too long feeling vulnerable in the corporate world.
Now I teach you how to express yourself with ease, have better personal presence in person and on video, even overcome  Mind Blank or Stage Fright?

This is not conventional presentation training, where “Just Do It” is often the best solution!
I show you how to permanently get your “butterflies” and deepest fears to migrate.
Here is an example of somebody being called to work way outside their comfort zone,
were transformed and achieve extraordinary results.

See what others have achieved:

A) A client recently transformed from a “normal” presentation skills level to a highly acclaimed presentation with 2800 people. A career promotion is now likely.
B) Another client transformed from nervous speaker to comfortably working with an audience of 500 with their first speech.

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Personally, my most discerning audience has been 200 experienced Toastmasters when presenting a workshop on “Excellence in Stage Presence and Personal Confidence”. I expected an audience of 40-60, when around 200 arrived, my motivation stepped up another level to deliver a higher standard resulting in invitations to present in other countries.

Why do I do this?

I used to struggle to get my ideas accepted. I was simply not “present” or “grounded”.
It was a struggle. A conventional 2 day presentation video training course failed to solve the problem. That drove me to find answers from different sources. Many Mind-body topics, and especially the Inner World of consciousness. I adapt these techniques to bring a light-hearted approach to identifying and clearing all blocks to confidence, performance, speaking and even stage fright.
I now fill the gap left by most conventional presentation training and help clients just like you make huge transformations in confidence, personal presence and of course Presentation and Public Speaking in all situations.
I love seeing the transformations and the glow of inner understanding when the positive realisations about self expression drop into place.

How do I work?

By focusing on your energy and delivery style in addition to all conventional presentation techniques, identifying areas for improvement and maximising your individual strengths.
I identify your sources of self-doubt and clear them in 1:1 or Skype sessions which leads to total transformation.
I work 1:1 and with groups or distantly by Skype.

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