Mind Blank and Stage Fright Solutions

Stage Fright

Is this you ?

Your fear of mind-blanking or stage fright is terrifying and debilitating.
That sickening feeling of panic and dread.
It used to happen to me
Is there a solution? YES. Right here.

You have simply forgotten that magical skill of being an unstoppable super-being when you were a child .
Or become a bit confused and changed your beliefs about yourself – even though it does not make sense!
What if you can start being unstoppable again? It is definitely possible.
You may have lost your confidence because of some silly little event years ago.
It may be very simple or forgotten, yet certain circumstances remind you of a fright or embarrassment you experienced previously.
You may even believe you were never confident.
Public speaking or video presentation can make you feel vulnerable or threatened;
those silly little memories from way back start to control how you feel.
They are not always logical!

Let’s suppose you suffered a really embarrassing event at school; perhaps about not remembering facts or making a simple error with numbers.
That hurt would lead to you subsequently avoiding answering questions about numbers, possibly even limiting your career options.
That behaviour then becomes ingrained and you “freeze” or become stressed when faced with similar situations.
The consequences can manifest as stress, phobias, mind blanking or stage fright, even an unsatisfactory career.
The good news is that most of these issues can be cleared surprisingly fast and easily.

Clearing the “energy” of the event removes the buried trauma and allows you to become comfortable with the previously frightening experience.
Using the “Just do it!” approach is risky.
It might work for a while, however if a suitable set of circumstances trigger that old reaction, then it can be as if all the practice in the world had never taken place!

Changing the energy around your painful feelings associated with mind-blanking, stage fright or similar problems can be easy and even fun.
It is not necessary to revisit the past details, we simply work with how you feel and effectively “make it go away”.


“In my first speech I did everything you suggested. It was perfect. The audience was 500 people.”
This was after a few one to one sessions.
This lady had been fearful from a teenage trauma due to a stage event at school which seriously limited her achievements throughout her life.

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