Boost your influence and zap your frustration by easily saying No!

Learn to say NO!

An introduction to vital personal energy management techniques to say NO! comfortably.
The result?
Increase your authority and confidence.
Reduce your Frustration, Anger and Burnout.
Have more “Me” time
Learn, practice and take away frustration-reducing techniques which may be used effectively from family to boardroom!
You may be comfortable saying Yes but how easily can you say NO!?
Perhaps you say Yes too often to avoid offending somebody in your life, then you feel

Frustrated   Stressed Overloaded  Angry

because you have not been able to be true to yourself.
You may even resent the fact that you don’t have enough “me time”

Or wishing you had said No instead?

But that does not feel comfortable……!

Let’s stop your frustration, reduce your stress and increase your confidence…..

Refreshments included.

Wednesday  July 19     7:00PM to 9:30PM
Histon, Cambridge
Address will be sent when ticket booked.

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This 1 day event is for you IF you want to:

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